4 Easy DIY Winterization Projects for Homeowners

Winterizing your house is a simple necessity that will ensure you can tough it out through the season of shorter days. You’ll be comfortable and warm no matter what weather winter brings as long as you take care of your windows, doors, and heating system and protect everything that normally stays outside.



Here are 4 easy DIY projects that will help you winterize your house. 


  1. Put Draft Stoppers Under the Doors and Windows


Keep the warm air in and the cold air out by closing up the gaps underneath your outside-facing doors and windows. You can buy premade draft stoppers at just about any hardwood store or find some online that appeal to your decorating sensibilities. Or, if you’d rather save a little money, you can make them yourself. A rolled up bath towel isn’t the most effective way to do it, but it will work in a pinch. Another DIY option is taking some material (like an old pillowcase or leftover upholstery) and fill it with sand or another insulating material. The draft stopper should be able to mold itself to the frame, block out wind, and help lower your heating bills. 


  1. Close Your Pool for the Season


Unless you live in a tropical climate, your family is most likely done using the outdoor pool by now. To keep it in tip-top shape over the winter months, be sure to balance the water chemistry and lower the levels. Remove and store all the accessories (ladders, skimmers, etc.) and drain all of your pumping, filtering, heating, and chlorinating equipment. Once the pool is completely clean, keep it that way with a winter cover. 


  1. Replace Furnace Filters


When it comes to your appliances, your furnace or heating system is king throughout the winter. Make sure it is in excellent shape all season long by changing the filters. Dirty filters make it harder for air to flow in and out, which makes your furnace work that much harder. The harder your furnace has to work, the higher your energy bill. To heat your home more effectively, simply change the filter. Check out these ideas for reducing your energy bill while you are at it. 


  1. Empty and Insulate Your Pipes 


Frozen pipes are a nightmare in the winter. Make sure that nightmare doesn’t become your reality by winterizing your pipes before the temperature drops below freezing. Turn off the main water line in your home, and your pipes should have a manual valve you can open to release excess water. If your pipes have a waste valve, open it as well to eliminate any extra water hanging out in there. Once they are free of excess water, you can insulate your pipes. Wrap them with pre-slit pipe foam to insulate, prevent freezing, and make it easier for your water to heat. 




Extreme winter weather can wreak havoc on your house. Keep it safe and in great condition with simple winterization practices. Close up the gaps under your doors and windows with draft stoppers. You can find them in the store or make them yourself. Balance your pool’s pH levels, sanitize it, and cover to keep it clean all season long. Replace the filters in your furnace or heating system to make sure it works efficiently and keeps your power bills down. Finally, make sure your pipes are ready for winter by draining them and wrapping them with insulating foam.