DIY 101: A Guide to the Best Garage Door Resources on the Web

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The Secret to Keeping Pests Out of Your Garage

Garages are practically Holiday Inns for all types of critters — especially in the winter! Here’s a great piece on how to fix this common garage problem. They detail the importance of a clean garage and how to block any openings where they might be coming in. The blog also explains what to do if you already have a pest problem — how to set your own traps or find a good exterminator.

How to Turn Your Garage into a Party Center to Entertain Friends

Spring break and summer weather is just around the corner. Start preparing now to get the most out of the beautiful weather. This article breaks down how to make your garage the perfect party spot. There’s a lot more you can do than sweeping out the leaves and soaking up the oil stains. They explain how to set up a garage to be the perfect party spot — a great place to watch the game, entertain friends, and kick back after a long week. They detail how to set up a bar and lounge area, how to declutter and organize storage, and how to set up an awesome stereo system.

How to Install a Garage Door Opener in Easy Steps

Garage door opener installation is a fairly easy DIY repair job — sort of. If you have the right tools and a little no-how, you can pull it off. But those directions that come with the opener? You’ll be lucky if they’re in English, and even luckier if they make any sense at all. But seeing is believing. We love Home Repair Tutor because they show you how to do common household repairs that are easy to understand. This is a great video that makes installing a garage door opener look simple. They take you through it step by step — what tools you need, what wires need unplugged, and how to install the braces that hold it all in place.

Want to Save Money on Your Electric Bill? Start in the Garage

Like money? So do we. But we hate paying more on our electric bill than we have to. A great way to save money on your energy costs is to rethink your garage and garage door. Here are some repairs and upgrades you should consider to improve energy efficiency. We love this blog because it always provides a great resource from a green perspective — how to save the planet and a dollar at the same time. Learn why you should consider replacing your weatherstripping, how adding wood end blocks can improve insulation, and why an insulated door is a good idea even if you live in a warm place like California.

A Super Easy Way to Repair Garage Door Dents

Garage door dents will happen — especially if you’ve got kids. But they are actually easy to repair. This handy video from Bob Johnson demonstrates a pretty genius DIY fix with aluminum foil, a lighter, and a can of compressed air. It’s science in action — no hammer required.